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Forms are obviously extremely important for any web application that needs user input. Building, validating, and handling form submission is built into LiveViewJS forms .

Form Bindigs

We've already reviewed the form event bindings that are available in LiveViewJS. Here is a quick summary:

  • phx-change - This event is sent to the server along with all the form values when any form input is changed.
  • phx-submit - This event is sent to the server when the form is submitted alog with all the form values.

Feel free to review form events in more detail in the User Events and Bindings section.


We have not yet discussed the concept of a "changeset" in LiveViewJS. At a high level a changeset is a way to parse and validate that incoming JSON data maps to the expected constraints. You will see it is a very powerful concept that allows you to build and validate complex forms with ease.


Changesets are a concept that is taken from an Elixir library called Ecto. Ecto changesets are used to validate and persist data to a database. While LiveViewJS changeset are not ORM or DB releated, we've taken the concept of a changeset and adapted it to the Typescript world for parsing and validation.

We will take a deep dive into Changesets in a more detail in the next section.