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Dispatch Command

The dispatch command dispatches a DOM event from the target element

new JS().dispatch(event: string, options?: DispatchOptions)
  • event - The name of the event to dispatch
  • options - Options for the command (optional)
    • to - An optional css selector to identify the element from which to dispatch. Defaults to the element that the JS Command is attached to.
    • detail - A optional map of key/value pairs to include in the event's detail property
    • bubbles - A optional boolean indicating whether the event should bubble up the DOM. Defaults to true

Note: All events dispatched are of a type CustomEvent, with the exception of "click". For a "click", a MouseEvent is dispatched to properly simulate a UI click.

For emitted CustomEvent's, the event detail will contain a dispatcher, which references the DOM node that dispatched the JS event to the target element.


//... in your render function of a LiveView

// dispatch a click
<button phx-click="${new JS().dispatch("click", { to: "#dispatch" })}">Dispatch Click</button>

// dispatch a custom event
<button phx-click="${new JS().dispatch("custom", { to: "#dispatch", detail: { foo: "bar" } })}">
Dispatch Custom
<div id="dispatch">Dispatch Target</div>