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Push Command

The push command sends an event to the server

new JS().push(event: string, options?: PushOptions)
  • event - The name of the event to send to the server
  • options - Options for the command (optional)
    • target - An optional selector or component ID to push to
    • loading - An optional selector to apply the phx loading classes to
    • page_loading - An optional boolean indicating whether to trigger the "phx:page-loading-start" and "phx:page-loading-stop" events. Defaults to false
    • value An optional map of key/value pairs to include in the event's value property


//... in your render function of a LiveView

// push increment event to server
<button phx-click="${new JS().push("increment")}">+</button>

// push decrement event to server
<button phx-click="${new JS().push("decrement")}">-</button>

// push increment event to server with a payload then hide the button
<button phx-click="${new JS().push("increment", value: {foo: "bar"}).hide()}">
Increment then hide

// hide the button then push increment event
<button phx-click="${new JS().hide().push("increment")}">Hide then Increment</button>

// push incremenet and show page loading indicator
<button phx-click="${new JS().push("increment", { page_loading: true })}">
Page Loading Push