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Phoenix LiveView Bindings

Here is a table of all the bindings available in Phoenix LiveView and whether they are available in LiveViewJS.


These bindings actually come from Phoenix LiveView since we use the same client-side JavaScript library. The table below denotes which bindings are "Supported" in LiveViewJS and which are not. Bindings below marked with ✅ are working and tested and most of them have example usage in the examples codebase. Those with ?, we have not gotten around to testing so not sure if they work. Those marked with ❌ are not yet implemented and known not to work.

Click Eventsphx-click
Click Eventsphx-click-away
Form Eventsphx-change
Form Eventsphx-submit
Form Eventsphx-feedback-for
Form Eventsphx-disable-with
Form Eventsphx-trigger-action
Form Eventsphx-auto-recover
Focus Eventsphx-blur
Focus Eventsphx-focus
Focus Eventsphx-window-blur
Focus Eventsphx-window-focus
Key Eventsphx-keydown
Key Eventsphx-keyup
Key Eventsphx-window-keydown
Key Eventsphx-window-keyup
Key Eventsphx-key
DOM Patchingphx-update
DOM Patchingphx-remove
JS Interopphx-hook
Rate Limitingphx-debounce
Rate Limitingphx-throttle
Static Trackingphx-track-static