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Rate Limiting Bindings

Deboucing and throttling user events is a very common need and to support these use-cases there are the following bindings:

  • phx-debounce - Debounce an event by the number of milliseconds specified in the attribute value or by setting the value to blur. This is useful for preventing multiple events from being sent to the server in rapid succession. When blur is the value, the event will be debounced until the element is blurred by the user. Typically used for input elements.
  • phx-throttle - Throttle an event by the number of milliseconds specified in the attribute value. In contrast to debouncing, throttling emits an event immediately and then only once every specified number of milliseconds. Typically used to rate limit click events, key events, and mouse actions.

Debounce Examples

Here are some examples of the debounce binding in action.

Debounce input blur

Let's say we want to send the validate event to the server when a user blurs away from the address input in a form:

<form action="#" phx-change="validate" phx-submit="save">
<!--// only send "validate" event when address input is blurred -->
<input name="address" phx-debounce="blur" />

Debouce input change

Let's say we only want to send the search event to the server 1 second after a user stops typing into the search input:

<form action="#" phx-change="search">
<!--// send "search" event after 1 second of debouncing -->
<input name="query" phx-debounce="1000" />

Throttle Example

Let's say we only want to send one volume_up event every 500ms. The user can click the button as many times as they want, but the event will only be sent to the server every 500ms:

<!--// rate limit clicks on a volume up event -->
<button phx-click="volume_up" phx-throttle="500" />