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Let's Build a LiveView

Building a LiveView is easy with LiveViewJS. You can get started in just a few minutes.

Create a New Project

LiveViewJS has a project generation tool that will setup the project structure and install the required dependencies for either NodeJS or Deno.


npx @liveviewjs/gen

You will be prompted to select the type of project you want to create and a couple other questions. Then, voilà, you will have a new project that runs out of the box!

Download the Repo

The fastest way to run the example or build your own LiveView is by downloading the LiveViewJS repo. This repo contains all the examples and configured webserver code for Express (NodeJS) and Oak (Deno).

Get the Code

Either use git clone or degit to get the LiveViewJS GitHub repository.


degit is a lightweight way to clone a repo without the .git parts. More info.

Clone the LiveViewJS GitHub repository:

# clone the LiveViewJS repo
git clone

OR fetch with degit:

# copy the LiveViewJS repo
npx degit floodfx/liveviewjs liveviewjs

Change to the LiveViewJS Directory

# cd to the LiveViewJS directory
cd liveviewjs

Node or Deno?

LiveViewJS runs on both Node and Deno, but you'll probably want to start down one path or the other depending on what runtime you are more familiar with or are already using.


The LiveViewJS library APIs are the same so you can build your LiveViews on one platform and run them on the other unless you are using Deno or Node-specific APIs in your LiveView implementation.