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LiveView API - handleInfo

handleInfo is how server-side events (a.k.a Info) are handled. These server-side events are initiated by processes that are happening on the server for example: database updates, background jobs, pub/sub messages, or some other asynchronous process. Just like handleEvent and handleParams, handleInfo is automatically passed the info event (i.e., server event) along with the socket and can use it to manipulate the context of the LiveView or otherwise respond to the info messages it receives.

handleInfo Signature

handleInfo(info: TInfos, socket: LiveViewSocket<TContext, TInfos>): void | Promise<void>;

handleInfo Use Cases

There are three main use cases for handleInfo:

  • Handling an asynchronous process initiated from a user event without blocking the UI
  • Handling an asynchronous process initiated from a background process
  • Handling a pub/sub message