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LiveView API - handleParams

Let's explore the handleParams method. Since the previous example (counterLiveView) did not use handleParams, we'll define helloLiveView.ts and explore the handleParams method with it. As you can see below, helloLiveView.ts defines mount, handleParams, and render.

export const helloLiveView = createLiveView({
mount: (socket) => {
socket.assign({ name: "World" });
handleParams(url, socket) {
const name = url.searchParams.get("name") || "World";
socket.assign({ name });
render: (context) => html`Hello ${}!`,

In the case of helloLiveView, we are using handleParams to update the name in the context based on the name query parameter in the URL. If there is no name query parameter, we default to World.

Example Renders

Let's say you have the helloLiveView routed to /hello. Visiting the following paths would result in the following renders:

  • /hello - Hello World!
  • /hello?name=LiveViewJS - Hello LiveViewJS!
  • /hello?name=LiveViewJS&foo=bar - Hello LiveViewJS!
  • /hello?name=LiveViewJS#blah - Hello LiveViewJS!

handleParams Method

handleParams is automatically called by LiveViewJS on the initial load of a LiveView, as well as anytime the URL of the LiveView changes. handleParams allows developers to access the full URL of the LiveView including the host, path, hash, pathname, etc, and then update the context of the socket or otherwise respond to data in the URL.


Worth noting that the http server (e.g., express or oak) handles the routing of the browser to this LiveView. This means that changes in the URL for handleParams are typically search parameters or hash changes. Changing the host and/or path of a URL will typically mean the server routes you to a different LiveView (if one exists at that host and path).

handleParams Signature

handleParams(url: URL, socket: LiveViewSocket<TContext, TInfos>): void | Promise<void>;

The URL passed to the handleParams method is the standard URL object, not a LiveViewJS specific URL object. See the MDN URL documentation for more information.